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Jay P.

Michigan, United States

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Mind the spatial gaps: Addressing hydrological linkages of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems across scales.
"Water is fundamental to the biogeochemical cycles of Carbon and nutrients because it provides connectivity among ecosystems. Water links aquifers to surface waters, hillslopes to oceans, and our communities to our environments. However, there is still a disconnect between the study of most environmental hydrological and biogeochemical phenomena. This disconnect limits our ability to anticipate how global change will alter Carbon and nutrient cycles, ecosystems, and our water resources. By embracing multidisciplinary approaches that unify hydrological and biogeochemical theory, we can move beyond these limitations and develop novel approaches that address the complex nonlinear relationships inherent to biogeochemical systems. I will provide examples from our research program to illustrate how coupling hydrological, ecological, and biogeochemical principles can address major gaps in the understanding of biogeochemistry and water quality from the river network scale to the pore network scale. Specifically, I will discuss using streams as sensor networks to address watershed dynamics in highly impacted French watersheds and rapidly thawing high Arctic watersheds. I will also discuss how new sampling strategies and numerical models can reveal the ecosystem function of the “River’s Liver” (the hyporheic zone) at unprecedented scales."