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H2O'Lyon Certificate // For PhD

An Award of Excellence
for Tomorrow's Professionals

Delivered by the H2O’Lyon Graduate School the award aims to distinguish PhDs in Water and Hydrosystems sciences

Being part of the H2O'Lyon community while doing a PhD enables :
  • Enhanced scientific expertise by benefiting from scientific animation, resources and exchanges with other members of the H2O'Lyon transdisciplinary scientific community
  • Recruitment opportunities due to the partnerships forged with water stakeholders and the projects constructed jointly
  • Opportunities for international cooperation and post-doctoral experiences thanks to the network of researchers from different disciplines linked to the H2O'Lyon community


To apply to the H2O'Lyon Certificate, the doctors must complete the following requirements :

Having defended a thesis :
  • Whose thesis director is a member of the H2O'Lyon community
  • In connection with one of the five H2O'Lyon research fields
  • Open to another discipline and/or related to the operational sphere
To attest to the international valorization of its research activity (publication, collaboration, involvement in a research team...)

Proof of involvement in the H2O'Lyon community (participation in a conference accredited by H2O'Lyon, summer school, ...)

Proof of a C1 level in English