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Water and Urban Worlds

A place for co-construction 

The "Water and Urban Worlds" 'initiative was born out of the desire of the graduate school H2O'Lyon and the "Intelligence des Mondes Urbains" Laboratory of Excellence to encourage concerted action on research into urban water issues in Lyon and Saint-Etienne, with the aim of breaking down the barriers between disciplines.

H2O’Lyon and IMU are co-funding the collective project, which is a showcase for water research in the urban environments of Lyon and Saint-Etienne. Local players such as GRAIE are also involved in the project.

A major research mapping task

"Water and Urban Worlds" carries out a sector watch listing all the projects related to its work, with a view to:
  • provide input for discussions on urban water in Lyon and Saint Etienne,
  • encourage collaboration between researchers, partners, project representatives and observatories, etc.
As discussions within the incubator progress, other objectives will emerge. New disciplines will be brought together to cover a wide range of urban water issues.

The «Water and Urban Worlds» clusters

The organisation of "Water and Urban worlds" has been designed in the form of clusters, as places for reflection on projects co-financed by H2O'Lyon and IMU.
  • A first cluster focusing on water as an urban risk has been set up, bringing together various research projects.
Bathing in urban rivers (LabEx IMU – EUR H2O’Lyon)
Pollution during urban flooding (EUR H2O’Lyon)
Anthropo-traces (LabEx IMU – EUR H2O’Lyon)
  • A second cluster dedicated to water and urbanisation
ANR GloUrb : Floodplain Urbanisation at Global Scale (EUR H2O'Lyon - LabEx IMU)

In the near future, depending on discussions and the results of scientific monitoring, each cluster will be able to include other clusters.


The multi-disciplinary Water & Urban Worlds scientific committee

  • Emeline Comby (Geography of aquatic urban environments, EVS – Université Lyon 2)
  • Bernard Kaufmann (Urban Ecology, LEHNA – Université Lyon 1, COPIL Labex IMU)
  • Benoit Cournoyer (Microbial ecology and environmental risk, LEM – VetAgroSup)
  • Gislain Lipeme Kouyi (Urban Hydrology, DEEP – INSA de Lyon)
  • Florian Mermillod-Blondin (Water/soil Ecology, LEHNA – Université Lyon 1)
  • Isabelle Michallet (Environmental law , EVS – Université Lyon 2)
  • Bertrand Morandi (Rhône Project Manager, Association GRAIE)
  • Sébastien Proust (Hydraulics , Riverly - INRAE de Lyon)
  • Nicolas Rivière (Environmental hydrodynamics, LMFA – INSA de Lyon)
  • Emmanuel Mignot (Environmental hydrodynamics, LMFA – INSA de Lyon, COPIL H2O’Lyon)
  • Anne Honneger (Environmental Geography, EVS – Université Lyon 2)
  • Laetitia Bacot (Manager of OTHU, Association GRAIE)
  • Barbara Belletti (Fluvial geomorphology, eco-geography, EVS – Université Lyon 2)


Deputy Project Manager Urban Water, Graduate School H2O'Lyon and LabEx IMU
Moderator of the working group "Water and Urban Worlds"