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Call for action

The H2O'Lyon graduate school supports multiple actions, namely in favour of students in Master and Engineer school, PhD and post-doc.


To be eligible for support, with or without funding, from EUR H2O'Lyon, the action must :

  • be in collaboration with at least one member of the H2O'Lyon community
  • meet at least one of the H2O'Lyon research fields
  • foster :
    • interdisciplinarity,
    • international collaborations,
    • co-construction with socio-economic partners,
    • the link between teaching and research.

How to submit ?

► For any application, please fill in a call for action form and submit it by email to

Depending on the nature of your funding request, there are six calls for actions (downloadable from this website in private access for H2O'Lyon members):

Call for action // Master fellowship: 3 to 6 months of fellowship, mission expenses, etc.
Call for action // Half PhD fellowship: co-financing of thesis over 3 years
Call for action // Half Post-doc fellowship: co-financing of a 12-month post-doc
Call for action // Post-doc extension: funding for 4 to 6 months extension with an initial post-doc duration of 12 months or more.
Call for action // Mission: mission expenses for PhD students and post-docs
Call for action // Miscellaneous: summer school, innovative training, conference, welcome scientist/professor, publication costs, proof of concept, training room equipment, etc.

► The calls for action received are then evaluated by the selection committee (executive committee and steering committee) which meets once a month.

Depending on the amount requested, the project is evaluated :

  • only by the executive committee for amounts less than or equal to €5,000
  • by the executive committee and then the steering committee for amounts over €5,000.

The main selection criteria are the innovative spirit and the search for excellence of the project.

► Finally, the decisions are conveyed to the project leader by mail.


As a recipient of H2O'Lyon support, you are required to :
  • communicate about the graduate school H2O'Lyon, while respecting the mentions and logos, in all your communication supports (see communication rules)
  • provide a final project report (downloadable from this website in private access for H2O'Lyon members)