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List of doctors with H2O'Lyon Certification

Certificate Nr Certification date Doctor's name Thesis title Doctoral School Laboratory Defence date Thesis Director
2022-10 07/11/22 Juliette Becquet Impacts of hydrological alterations on macroinvertebrates in alpine streams. 341 E2M2 INRAE RiverLy 05/10/22 Nicolas Lamouroux, INRAE Lyon
2022-09 24/10/22 Camille Banc Interactions matière organique-contaminants inorganiques dans des dépôts de solutions de traitement des eaux fondées sur la nature. Approche combinée ultrafiltration-modélisation 206 Chemistry, Processes, Environmental DEEP INSA Lyon 15/10/21 Rémy Gourdon, INSA Lyon
2022-08 24/10/22 Kévin Maciejewski Wastewater treatment in vertical flow constructed wetlands. Dynamic study of nitrogen in the stages of the process and denitrification constraints. 206 Chemistry, Processes, Environmental DEEP INSA Lyon 12/07/22 Rémy Gourdon, INSA Lyon
2022-07 11/03/22 Anne-Lise Boyer From the oasis-city to the desert-city. Urban adaptation to water scarcity in Phoenix and Tucson (Arizona) 483 Social Science UMR 5600 EVS 15/12/20 Pascal Marty, Université Paris 1, Maison française d'Oxford
2022-06 17/01/22 Silvia Flaminio Representation of dams : infrastructures, concessions and controversies 483 Social Science Biogeophily UMR 5600 EVS 30/11/18 Hervé Piégay, CNRS, ENS Lyon
2020-05 17/11/20 Nathalie Lecrivain Study of the contamination and the corresponding ecotoxicology of the surficial sediments in lake littoral zone 206 Chemistry, Processes, Environmental LEHNA, ENTPE 08/03/19 Bernard Clément, ENTPE
2020-04 17/11/20 Lucie Pinasseau Development and use of passive sampling for mass spectrometric analysis of emerging organic pollutants in aquatic subsurface systems 206 Chemistry, Processes, Environment Institut des Sciences Analytiques - UMR 5280 14/10/20 Emmanuelle Vulliet, Université Lyon 1
2020-03 05/06/20 Hossein Ghaffarian Roohparvar Study of driftwood dynamics in rivers for hazard assessment MEGA Laboratory LMFA 15/11/19 Nicolas Rivière, INSA Lyon
2020-02 03/04/20 Rémi Loire From flushing flows to (eco)morphogenic flow releases : evolving terminology, practice, and integration into regulated river management 483 Social Science ENS Lyon 06/09/19 Hervé Piegay, ENS CNRS Lyon
2020-01 03/04/20 Emmanuel Guillerme Turning halite fluid inclusions into accurate paleothermometers with Brillouin spectroscopy – development of a new method and application to the Last Interglacial in the Dead Sea PHAST LGL-TPE (UMR 5276) et ILM (UMR 5306) 06/12/19 Frédéric Caupin, Université Lyon 1