The Evenings of Environmental Transition

On The March 30, 2022

Campus ESSCA - 4 avenue du Pont Pasteur 69007 Lyon

The ecological transition evenings are organized as part of the Worldwide Teach-In world educational conference initiated by BARD college in partnership with several universities around the world. This initiative promotes interdisciplinary exchanges on environmental issues (climate, justice, water, global warming).

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Sophie Cauvy-Fraunié, young researcher, at INRAE, Riverly, Lyon.
Ecohydrologist, specialised on mountain ecosystems, her research focuses on the effect of flow alteration linked to both glacier retreat and anthropogenic uses on river ecosystems.

Jean-Louis Bertrand, professor, ESSCA school of management
His research focuses on risk management in general, and climate risk management and the use of parametric derivatives. He is the Co-founder of Meteo Protect, a technology start-up where he led research and development activities.

Frederic Parrenin, Senior scientist (so-called "Directeur de Recherche" in French) for CNRS.
Manager of the French-Russian International Lab "Climate and Environments from Ice Archives". French manager of the European H2020 "Beyond EPICA" project aiming to drill a 1.5 million years ice core in Antarctica. Working on Climate Change at IGE (Institut des Géosciences de l’Environnement, Grenoble, France), part of the Grenoble-Alpes University. Member of the ICE^3 and CryoDyn teams.

Gerhard Krinner, Senior scientist (so-called "Directeur de Recherche" in French) for CNRS, IGE (Institute of environmental Geosciences/CNRS).
Lead author of the 5th and 6th IPCC assessment reports (2013, 2021) and member of the Core Writing Team of the AR6 Synthesis Report (to be published in 2022).