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H2O'bjectif Pro #2

On The November 14, 2022

9am - 5pm
Maison Internationale des Langues et des Cultures (MILC) - 35 rue Raulin 69007 Lyon

This day is aimed at PhD students and young researchers in the H2O'Lyon community who want to boost their careers, continue in academia or move into other types of profession.

This day is an opportunity for doctoral students and young researchers to discover the range of career opportunities available after a thesis in the sciences of water and hydrosystems, to acquire useful skills for their future careers and to develop their network. Doctoral students and young researchers will be able to meet and exchange ideas with practitioners from the world of business, public bodies and academic research.

The H2O'bjectif Pro day can be counted as training hours for doctoral schools:
  • E2M2
  • MEGA
Registration is free and mandatory




Careers after a PhD

Doctors with different profiles come and present their jobs and environment (career path, job, feedback, advice, etc.).


Workshops to boost your career

Participants come to learn about elements that can help them in their careers



Developing your network

To enable doctoral students and young researchers to exchange ideas with practitioners, develop their networks and become more comfortable with professional contacts.



Many thanks to the H2O'Lyon PhD students and post-docs working group for putting this programme together:
  • Camille Touchet, LEHNA Lyon 1
  • Samuel Mouron, LEHNA Lyon 1
  • Zoé Fau, INRAE Reversaal,
  • Noémie Pernin, DEEP INSA de Lyon
  • Anthony Lemoine, INRAE RiverLy
  • Jessica Laible, INRAE RiverLy
  • Julien Godfroy, EVS, CNRS
  • Baptiste Marteau, EVS, CNRS
  • Barbara Belletti, EVS, H2O'Lyon


How to get there:

Tram T1 : stop Quai Claude Bernard (143m walk)
Metro B : stop Jean Macé (663m walk)