H2O'Lyon Webinar #4 // Nathalie Chèvre

On The March 22, 2021

2 pm (Paris time)
Webinar in French and English

Micropollutants in Water : From the Treatment Plant to the Tap

On the occasion of World Water Day 2021, H2O'Lyon is pleased to invite Dr Nathalie CHEVRE, researcher and professor at the University of Lausanne. Her research focuses on the risk of mixtures of chemical substances on the environment.

Micropollutants in Water : From the Treatment Plant to the Tap

"Chemical substances, also known as micropollutants, are ubiquitous in the environment. This is particularly true in the aquatic environment where pesticides, drugs, cosmetics, etc. are detected. These substances are used in our daily activities and are evacuated with the waste water to the sewage treatment plants. However, these treatment plants are not designed to eliminate them. They therefore end up in surface water. In this webinar, we will illustrate how micropollutants enter the urban water cycle, from our sink pipe to our drinking water tap. This is based on the example of medicines and Lake Geneva, a source of drinking water for 1 million inhabitants between Switzerland and France. We will also discuss open questions about the risk that these substances pose to the environment and to health."

This webinar is in French with multicanal translation into English.
It lasts 40 min followed by 20 min of questions and answers.

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