Evénements spéciaux | Soutien H2O’Lyon

Dijon - Mediterranean by canoe

From July 6, 2022 to July 20, 2022

provisional end date

Follow the journey of two students who travel from the Norge River to the Mediterranean by canoe

Two students in physiotherapy, Léo-Paul and Alexandre, decided to travel from Dijon to the Mediterranean by canoe, passing as much as possible through natural channels.

All along their journey, from the Norge to the sea, they will take photos of what they think is good or bad about the impact of humans on waterways.

They will also draw a portrait of the users of the Saône and the Rhône (notably bathers), questioning them about the use they make of the waterways in their towns, and what might or might not lead them to bathe in them.

Provisional details of the route :

. The Norge : from Chevigny to Pluvet (15km)

. From Pluvet to "Les mallys" (12km)

. From "Les mallys" to Lyon, the Saône (230 km)

. From Lyon to the Mediterranean : the Rhône (323 km).