I.S. RIVERS 2021

From June 7, 2021 to June 28, 2021

French-English Webinars with simultaneous translation
This international conference is dedicated to research and practices on natural and human-impacted large rivers, in particular how they work, changes and processes, interface and interactions, management policies, engineering.

As an introduction to this 2021 edition, co-organised by EUR H2O'Lyon and the Graie, the conference will give the floor to young water professionals so that they can offer us a fresh look at the management of the rivers of tomorrow


► Monday, June 7th | 9am - 11am (UTC+2)
River management : the perspective of young professionals

Organized with EUR H2O'Lyon, The graduate school H2O'Lyon of integrated watershed sciences

Chaired by Laurent Simon, UMR 5023 (France) and Claire-Lise Meyer, H20 Lyon (France)

Speakers : Michael Pingram, Waikato Regional Council (New-Zealand), Cybill Staentzel, ENGEES (France), Daniel Hayes, IHG - Institute of hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management (Austria), Mickael Le Gall, SR3A Syndicat de la rivière d’Ain aval et de ses affluents (France).

► Monday, June 14th | 5pm - 7pm (UTC+2)
Rivers and human interactions

Chaired by Marylise Cottet, UMR 5600 (France) and Nathalie Sureau- Blanchet, Water agency RMC (France)

. The Usumacinta's waterscapes: borders, waters and power
Edith Kauffer, Mexique centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Speriores en Antropologiaa Social Sureste Chiapas, Collegium, H2O’ Lyon (Mexico)

. The role of media and science communication in water conflicts and cooperation
Emmanuele Fantini, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (The Netherlands)

. The role of local communities and knowledge in river restoration: a case study of Native American tribes and dam removal
Coleen A. Fox, Dartmouth College (USA)

► Monday, June 21st | 5pm - 7pm (UTC+2)
Trajectories and adaptation to global change

Chaired by Hervé Piégay, UMR 5600 (France) and John Cain, River Partners (USA)

. Knowledge from sedimentary archives to feed the global change debate
Mark Macklin, School of Geography, Lincoln Centre for Water and Planetary Health, University of Lincoln (United-Kingdom)

. Effects of global change on aquatic biocenosis: Lessons learned from cold-water refuges
Francine Mejia, USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center, Cascadia Field Station, Seattle, Washington (USA)

. How extreme events shape the territory? Feedback from the storm Alex (Alpes-Maritimes)
Guillaume Piton, INRAE (France) - Nathalie Le Nouveau, Nice Métropole (France)

► Monday, June 28th | 5pm - 7pm (UTC+2)
Ecological restoration and management issues

Chaired by Nicolas Lamouroux, INRAE (France) and Anne Vivier, OFB (France)

. Rhone river restoration in interactions with riverine residents
Christophe Moiroux, CNR (France)

. Restoration of ecosystem functions, interaction with society: the Danube
Thomas Hein, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (Austria)

. Conflicts and controversies of river restoration projects
Marie-Anne Germaine, UMR 7218 CNRS Université Paris Nanterre (France)

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