This master is based on two years, M1 of Water Sciences and M2 to choose from two majors.

M1 – Water Sciences

This multidisciplinary Master’s degree, which covers all aspects of territorial management, knowledge and restoration of freshwater environments, is designed to train specialists who will be able to deal with the management of continental hydrosystems.

M2 – Water Sciences / Engineering of Environmental and Water Resource Restoration (IREMIR)

M2 – Water Sciences / Engineering of Aquatic Environments and Risk Prevention Management (IGEMAP)

M2 - Risk and environment / Integrated Water Sciences (IWS)

This specialisation track aims to train specialists capable of understanding the complex challenges of tomorrow in the field of water and hydrosystems sciences and developing sustainable solutions to these issues. It is offered in 7 master's degrees to enable students to acquire, in addition to their disciplinary base (ecology, geography, sociology, economics, microbiology, engineering, hydrology, etc.), the ability to interact in an interdisciplinary context. All courses in this programme are in English.