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This Master is co-accredited by five institutions of the Université de Lyon : université Lumière Lyon 2, université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, université Jean Monnet - Saint-Etienne, École des Mines de Saint-Etienne (EMSE) et École Normale supérieure de Lyon (ENS).
Major PGAE - UJM/St-Etienne/EMSE
Prevention and Managemet of Environmental Alterations : this major is positioned around issues of environmental degradation (pollution of water, soil, atmosphere, noise) and territorial, economic, technological and architectural issues of management and revaluation of spaces, which are associated.

Major GRAINE - Lyon 2/ENS
Integrated Management of Natural Resources and Environmental and Landscape Dynamics : this major offer a multidisciplinary training about the environment and its dynamics based on questionings and skills developed in environmental geography but also in other disciplines of the Environmental sciences : ecology, analysis of past and current physical environments, history, development...

Major GE - Lyon 3
Environmental Geosystems : this major focuses on asset management and the assessment of hydrological, geomorphological and climatic environments.