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The Master bee@lyon aims to train students in the fields of fundamental and applied ecology (preservation and management of areas) and evolving genomic.

M1 - Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution (BEE)

M2 - BEE / BEEB@lyon

Bioevaluation of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Assessment

M2 - BEE / EEG@lyon

Ecology Evolution Génomique

M2 - BEE / EAube@lyon

Ecologie de l'Anthropocène: Urbanisation, Biodiversité, Eau

M2 - BEE / GE@lyon

Génomique Environnementale

M2 - BEE / IWS

Integrated Watershed Sciences : this specialisation track is ideal for students with a broad interest in water sciences who want to integrate social, environmental and engineering dimensions. Students will not only expand their knowledge within their own discipline, but also acquire a trans-disciplinary perspective of watershed sciences.