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Summer School H2O'Lyon - ZABR

Du 26 juin 2023 au 1 juillet 2023

On the banks of the Ain River (France)

An interdisciplinary summer school organized by the graduate school H2O'Lyon and the LTSER Rhône (ZABR)

In June 2023, a cohort of young and inspiring researchers will get a chance to experience a week of theory and practice on gravel bed river functioning and management at the Ain River in France. Experts from different fields will contribute to a multi-layered program aiming to bridge theoretical knowledge and pratical issues. 

The teaching staff includes experienced researchers such as Hervé Piégay (CNRS, ENS de Lyon), Thibault Datry (INRAE), Nicolas Lamouroux (INRAE), Silvia Flaminio (Geneva University), Jérôme Lejot (University of Lyon 2). 


A clever mix of field observations, data analysis, in situ and indoor presentations and informal discussions will immerse you in the reality of cutting-edge research in eco-hydro-morphology in relation to its territory and actors. Experts from different fields will present various sampling techniques and tools and their application. 

Participants will gain knowledge on the following topics:
  • Multi-use management of water and perception by actors
  • Ecohydrology and geomorphology of gravel-bed rivers
  • Ecology of intermittent rivers
  • Remote sensing for large scale studies
During the first day, shared experiences from managers and actors of the Ain River territory will help you to understand the multi-use management of water and its perception, in connection with the stakes of quantitative management. The next day, you will immerse yourself directly in the Ain River during a day of eco-hydromorphological observations from a canoe. This journey will be completed by a day of lectures and interactive activities on the mobility of sediments, the role of the alluvial forest and the influence of physical habitat conditions on invertebrate and fish communities. You will discover the amazing ecological adaptations of intermittent rivers by traveling along the Albarine. Finally, you will have the opportinuty to observe the River from air by familiarizing yourself with remote sensing to percieve the environment on a larger scale.

Full program (for details click on the cards)


Fees and eligibility

  • The summer school is open to students in MSc and PhD water related programs and to post-doctoral fellows. The participant must be able to communicate fluently in English.
  • The participation fee is 750€. It covers for: attendance to the school (including course material and field trips), breakfasts, breaks, lunches, dinners, accommodation (5 nights from Monday 26th June to Saturday 1st July).
  • Participant fee for MSc and PhD students from the H2O'Lyon community are paid by H2O'Lyon
  • After receiving the confirmation concerning your selection (by the end of April 2023), you will be asked to proceed for the payment of the participation fee.


  • The summer school will be hosted by the Tour d'Oncin center, a suitable lodging and conference location near the Ain River. 
  • Travel from Lyon to the Tour d'Oncin and back to Lyon is arranged by the organizers. Travel costs to and from the meeting point in Lyon are not included in the participation fees. 
  • Room booking is included in the registration fees and arranged by the organizers. Please contact h2olyon@univ-lyon1.fr for any question regarding your accomodation. 

How to apply

To apply, interested candidates should submit a completed application form and their CV before April 3, 2023. For any question regarding your application please contact asso@graie.org. 

Download the application form

Submit your application


  • Sara Puijalon (CNRS, University of Lyon 1)
  • Marylise Cottet (ENS de Lyon)
  • Hervé Capra (INRAE de Lyon)
  • Claire-Lise Meyer et Elisabeth Leniti (H2O'Lyon)
  • Anne Clémens et Isabelle Costaz (ZABR)