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UE7 Communication and application

Semestre Semestre 3
Type Obligatoire
Nature UE
Crédits ECTS 6


Antoine Vernay and Hervé Piégay


The objective of this course is to provide knowledge and communication elements to ease the interactions and collaboration with the socio-economic partners.
Students will specifically learn:
  • Why (importance of disseminating information and scientific knowledge; collaboration and co-construction with stakeholders) and how (the tools, the modalities, etc.) to communicate with different audience/public
  • How to adapt the communication according to the audience (water practitioners and managers, academics, public, etc.)
  • What are the most appropriate means of communication, in different contexts and with different public (flyers, webinars/seminars, round table, scientific presentation, etc.).
This course will be also framed in collaboration with the other courses (e.g. results dissemination).