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UE4 Cross disciplinary issues

Semestre Semestre 3
Type Obligatoire
Nature UE
Crédits ECTS 3


Frédéric Cherqui


In this course, students will organized three seminars to think about and understand cross-disciplinary real-world issues. Theses seminars will focus on:
  • Challenges for biodiversity and socio-hydro systems: representation of the nature, legal dimension...
  • Managing water related risks: flooding, pollution…
  • Actions and incentive in the water sector: political incentives, Water Framework Directive, participative approaches…
Students will learn how to:
  • Prepare a seminar (program, presenters, communication, etc.),
  • Invite and manage the speakers
  • Manage the seminars (open to the public, chair, lead the discussion …)
  • Communicate on an event (before and after)
  • Write synthesis
For each seminar, students will write a short scientific synthesis. After the third seminar, students will generate a report describing what they learned from this experience and the water challenges presented during the seminars.