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UE5 Supervised project

Semestre Semestre 3
Type Obligatoire
Nature UE
Crédits ECTS 3


Hervé Piégay and Gislain Lipeme-Kouyi


The objective of this course is to start preparing the collective work for the final research project that students will carry out during the final semester (semester 4). Students from different disciplines will work in small groups (clusters) and will start to define their research project. The latter will be built in a collaborative way with the academic and external partners involved and will be framed to include a broad research problem on the topic of water and hydrosystems in line with social questions/issues.

Students will learn how to start framing their final training work: to define the research topic; to design research questions; to lead preliminary discussions with the external partners; to carry out collaborative work and task sharing. Students will also be introduced to project management, such as interpreting the requirements and expectations of the external partners; understanding how to address partners’ requests; dealing with specific action plans and time scheduling.