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Requirements for admission to Year 2

General Requirements

You are an eligible applicant for year 2 of a Master programme.

Your degree is in a relevant field for the Master degree programme that you’re applying to.
Please visit the page of the Master degree outlining the specilialisation track Integrated Watershed Sciences for detailed degree requirements.


Track-Specific Admission Requirements

Language Requirement

Applicants must have excellent English language skills and a certificate that proves at least a B2 level (TOIEC > 785, TOEFL > 72, IELTS > 5.5, Cambridge LINGUASKILL >160, Cambridge FCE > 160, CLES 2). You can indicate your language skills by taking one of the internationally recognized English language tests.

The English language test is not required for applicants who have A Bachelor degree from an institution with English as language of instruction.
A certificate from the degree-granting University is required.

International Mobility

Applicants must have completed at least 4 months of international mobility during Year 1 of their Master degree. If this mobility has not been carried out, an equivalent mobility during the Bachelor degree may be taken into account.

The international mobility requirement is not mandatory for foreign students who come to Lyon.


Motivation Letter (max. 2 pages)

When outlining your motivation for wanting to enrol in Year 2 of the IWS programme please consider the following:

Why do you want to apply for the specialisation track Integrated Watershed Sciences?

How do your background and know-how fit the specialisation track you are applying for?

Have you acquired any practical skills that you would consider relevant and helpful in your future studies?

What international mobility experience do you have and how does it relate to the IWS programme (if relevant)?