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UE1 Challenges in water sciences

Semestre Semestre 3
Type Obligatoire
Nature UE
Crédits ECTS 3


Bjoern Wissel


The course is organized into three modules. Module one (6h) focuses on the global water cycle and associated energy and mass flows, and discuss the resulting patterns and control of water quality and quantity (availability). Current and future challenges to water will be put into the context of Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations..

Module two (5h) covers the major categories and functioning of different hydrosystems, such as rivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater and virtual water. 

The purpose of module three (4h) is to discuss water challenges at the watershed level, identify threats to major rivers, and discover the unique specificities of urban waters.

During the practicals (12h) students work in groups to synthesize the literature related to selected water challenges covered in the three modules. Results are shared with the class in the form of a report and an associated presentation.