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PhD position at University of Genoa

CDD - 3 ans
Date limite de réponse : 30 novembre 2021
Missions :
the Department of Civil Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the University of Genoa offers a fully funded 3 years PhD scholarship on topics related with storm water control measures (SCMs), green infrastructures and flooding resilience. The doctoral programme is offered in English by the University of Genoa.

This PhD opportunity is within the PhD positions on Green topics funded by FSE REACT-EU - PON "Ricerca e Innovazione" programme. According to the programme rules, the candidates must carry out a research period (minimum 6 months, maximum 12 months) in the company Stormwater Italia (SWI -https://www.swigroup.eu/). The SWI is a leader company in providing stormwater management and treatment solutions and environmental protection consultancy.

The candidate will be required to apply hydrologic-hydraulic modelling to investigate the quantity and quality impacts of SCMs at the catchment scale and to carry out experimental activities to verify the adoption of “smart technologies” to operate systems and improve their performance.


Niveau d'étude requis :

Bac + 5

Compétences requises :

Interested candidates should have basic knowledge about green infrastructure design, storm water quality, pluvial flooding, and some experience with hydrologic and hydraulic semi-distributed modelling (e.g.; SWMM, GIS-based application, etc…).