H2O'Lyon Webinar #6 // Benoit Ferrari

On The May 20, 2021

at 5.00 pm  (Paris time)
Webinar in french and english

Building bridges between research and practice: feedback from the Ecotox Centre in Switzerland.

H2O'Lyon is pleased to invite Benoît FERRARI for its 6th webinar.
Benoît FERRARI obtained his PhD in ecotoxicology from the University of Lorraine (Metz, France) in 2000. After several years spent at the University of Geneva and INRAE Lyon, he joined the Ecotox Centre in October 2013 to lead the Lausanne soil and sediment ecotoxicology group. In September 2019, he took over the interim management of the whole Centre regrouping the Lausanne and Dübendorf sites. His main areas of interest cover the ecodynamics of contaminants and their impact at different levels of biological organisation. In particular, he is involved in:
  • the development of exposure- and effects-based tools to assess chemical stress,
  • the integration of these tools into laboratory and field approaches to assess ecosystem quality,
  • the transfer of these tools and approaches to end-users.

Building bridges between Research and Practice: Feedback from the Ecotox Centre in Switzerland

"In response to a growing need in Switzerland to support the assessment of the effects of chemicals on our environment, the Ecotox Centre was created in 2008 within the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) domain at the request of the Federal Council and Parliament. With a focus on knowledge management and the transfer of knowledge and technology in the field of ecotoxicology, it is a real bridge between the research and operational spheres in Switzerland. The Ecotox Centre acts as a communication hub through further education and information and ensures dialogue between experts from the scientific and practical worlds. Through its own applied research projects and numerous national and international scientific collaborations, it contributes to the development of environmental risk assessment concepts and tools for environmental monitoring. This webinar will present the challenges and opportunities of such an approach and will be illustrated by concrete examples."

The webinar is in french with simultaneous translation into english. It will last 40 min followed by a 20-min Q&A.

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