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Human-disturbed braided rivers in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

China’s Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (QTP) has derived a large amount of braided-rivers in its five main watersheds (Figure on the right). In the southernmost one, the Yarlung Tsangp River, increased anthropogenic activities have imposed profound impacts on river morphology and hydrology, but little is known about these impacts thus far.

This collaborative research project is focusing on two braided reaches in the middle Yarlung Tsangp River that have been disturbed by a variety of human activities including urbanization, cascade damming, land-use changes, and artificial tree planting.
The goal of this project is to detach the impact of human activities from that of climate change on geomorphological functioning of the selected braided reaches. Using remotely sensed images, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-derived high-resolution DEM, daily discharges, and meteorological variables, P. Gao will extract morphological and hydrological indicators for braided river reach evolution driven by human activities and climate change, respectively. It will contribute to development of a new interdisciplinary approach to assess hydrological and geomorphological dynamics in braided rives located in remote regions under the influence of both climate change and anthropogenic disturbance.

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Pr. Gao is a physical geographer trained in fluvial geomorphology. His research has been involved in hillslope processes (landslide initiation and prediction, rill and gully erosion under overland flows), sediment transport (bed load and suspended sediment load) in river channels and agricultural drainage system, watershed modeling for hydrological and sediment-transport processes, as well as morphological structure of longitudinal profiles of mountain rivers.
Since 2015, his research interest has been focusing on two broad areas:
  1. River dynamics and environment changes
  2. Geospatial-based urban studies.


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