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This Master aims to train students for current issues in microbiology both in the fundamental and applied areas. The training benefits from the strong potential of the microbiology research teams at the Lyon cluster

M1 - Microbiology

M2 - Microbiology / MMPEM

Molecular Microbiology, Pathogenesis, Microbial Ecology : this track allows the student to understand the different faces of the microbiology, the mechanistic aspects (e.g. study of the molecular mechanisms involved during a host-pathogen interaction) to environmental microbiology (e.g. study of a functional community in a given ecosystem.

M2 - Microbiology / MAABE

Microbiology Applied to Agri-food, Biomedical and Environment : M2 MAABE's asset is to offer a common base of knowledge and skills in microbiology applied to three sectors of activity (agri-food, biomedical and environment).

M2 - Microbiology / IWS

Integrated Watershed Sciences : this specialisation track is ideal for students with a broad interest in water sciences who want to integrate social, environmental and engineering dimensions. Students will not only expand their knowledge within their own discipline, but also acquire a trans-disciplinary perspective of watershed sciences.