Credit hour 6


Anne-Kristel Bittebière (


The objective of this course is to allow students to acquire the technical and methodological tools and skills to the scientific assessment of complex issues on the topic of water and hydrosystems.
Students will acquire a common base of knowledge, corresponding to several thematic fields (social sciences, hydrology/hydraulics/geomorphology, chemistry/ecotoxicology, ecology, biochemistry, Global Information System) allowing them to define the tools which are specific to each discipline and the associated research approach. In particular, it is planned to establish technical sheets on the different methods in order to build a portfolio.
In a second phase, students will learn how to develop an inter/transdisciplinary approach to deal with a real issue related to societal issues. The students will be able to design a methodological framework (material and methods) in an interdisciplinary context (i.e. identify the necessary skills, the needs, the data to be collected, the experimental plan) to answer the problem.