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H2O'Lyon Certificate // Master Degree

A Certification to Stand Out
and Go Global

The graduate school H2O’Lyon affords students from Master or Engineering School training courses of H2O'Lyon to :
  • Create a scientific and technical partnership with water professionals,
  • Learn about how research laboratories abroad operate,
  • Access to international networks with numerous human and material ressources,
  • Develop an opening to transdisciplinarity,
  • Showcase the additional value of the training course by obtaining the H2O’Lyon Certificate.

The H2O’Lyon Certification comes as a complement of the Master or Engineering School degree.

Students enrolled in Master (M1 or M2) or in Engineering School (4th or 5th year) can apply to the certification throughout the year.

To obtain the H2O'Lyon Certificate the selected students have two years to complete the following requirements :
Attending a Summer School (or other training course such as corporate training, conferences) suggested or approved by H2O’Lyon

Validating skills through international experience :
  • 3 to 6-month mobility related to H2O'Lyon research areas
  •   the experience can be split, occured previously or during the training
  • The selection committee has reviewed the provisions for awarding the H2O'Lyon Certificate to adapt them to the exceptional circumstances of the health crisis. If international mobility cannot be achieved before the end of the two-year period of the certification, the H2O'Lyon certificate may be granted if the student, his/her French-side supervisor and the planned international supervisor provide proof of effective collaboration, lasting 3 to 6 months, with the achievement of common results. (Updated on 30/11/2020)

Completing one or more H2O'Lyon selection courses (at least 6 ECTS) to develop interdisciplinarity (in agreement with the H2O'Lyon Masters representatives related)

Producing a work in English : Thesis/Publication/Communication /Poster/ or other production (video for example)

Participating in a project which involves 1. international / 2. interdisciplinary / 3. linked with non academic partners aspect (the project must satisfy at least two items)

Demonstrating a good level of English (B2 minimum)


The graduate school can provide financial support, based on the application, to students enrolled in the H2O'Lyon Certificate Program, to fund :
  • Registration for summer schools,
  • Traineeships in the context of international mobility,
  • Registration for the language examination of English or French.